What is Robin?

Robin is a chatbot – automated talking robot in Facebook messenger. Robin helps you to find the best personal loan offer. To learn more about chatbots, click here.

How does Robin work?

To get the best credit offer you need to chat with Robin in Facebook messenger. Robin automatically asks you questions and we need your answers to learn about your needs and preferences. According to your answer Robin will scan the credit market, compares and matches you with the best credit offer!

Why Robin asks me personal questions, is Robin safe to use?

In order to get personalized best offer for you Robin needs to know your needs and preferences. The more information Robin has, the more accurate offer Robin can provide you!
It is completely safe to answer these questions. Security is Robin’s top priority! Your given information is only used for matching you with the best credit offer available in the market.
Robin has helped already over 500.000 clients who have happily found a safe personal credit offer!

How to use Robin?

Easy! There is no need to write you answers. You just need to select the options Robin provides. Here is a step by step guide:

1) Open the link, push the start button and follow Robin’s instructions.
2) Select answers to Robin’s questions in order to get the best personal offers. Be honest & truthful – we’ll use your answers to find the best options that fit your need.
3) Look the offers Robin found for you & read the extra info – it gives you a better idea what are the exact application requirements.
4) Apply and achieve your financial goals!

Will Robin give me a loan?

Robin doesn’t give loans, but based on your needs compares and finds the best ones that fit your needs.
Robin is your personal assistant and friend. Robin needs to know what you are looking for in order to give you the best suggestions. Then, all the possible banks & lenders are compared to fit your needs.You have a need & Robin will find you a match!

What do I need for getting a loan?

Everyone has different requirements. Under every offer Robin finds you, there is a link that reads “More info” – click it! There you can find the most recent requirements for applying a loan.

How much will it cost me? How much will I need to return?

After having a chat with Robin you will receive the best credit offers that you can apply for. Robin will present 6 options for you, please read about their terms before you apply. Remember, each lender has their own terms and is better if you read them carefully before applying for the loan.

I already applied and I haven’t got an answer.

Lenders will tell you the application process time and when you should expect their answers. This time may vary and depends on the lender. Fees, amounts, time periods also affect the answer time. If you think you have waited too long or have extra questions please contact the lender directly.

I got a rejection, now what?

Don’t worry! It happens to all of us. Whatever the reason was, Robin will find you next offers. By telling Robin the reason of rejection, you’ll get better fit offers. Robin will share ideas and tips that could help you get accepted next time. Every single user is important to us and we would love to serve you better!

How can I contact you?

Robin is the best at answering your questions via Facebook messenger. Robin is active now in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Brazil.
The easiest way to contact Robin is from your pocket, with your mobile phone. Leave your feedback to Robin via Facebook messenger.